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USMC Veteran and NPC Competitor
Age: 30
Instagram: @Hellzfit
Hometown: Boston, MA

Sean is a 30 year old Marine and OIF/OEF combat Veteran from Boston, Massachusetts. His life was focused on becoming a Marine since he could remember. Once Sean graduated high school, he enlisted in the USMC and was sent off to boot camp. In 2009, he was medically retired due to combat related injuries and sent home to find a new focus. That was the hardest part. Over the years Sean has had his ups and downs, but the one thing that never left was the iron. The gym became his therapy to help him forget about what was overseas and create something new here. Sean became a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, and he currently competes in the NPC men's physique division. Sean lives back in Boston with his service dog, Lincoln who you will all see at booths! He is a medical alert dog and has been a huge help since Sean got him.